Thursday, October 29, 2009


MechaniCon 2010

November 5-7

West Chester Holiday Inn PENN.

Well later tonight I should be able to get some WIP pics up as I am charging away at painting the army for mechanicon come next weekend. Sadly I have to pretty much get everything done by the end of this weekend as this will leave me enough time to do what little changes I need and to build a movement board. This is all thanks in part to Uncle Sam telling me I have classes next week to attend(some days I hate the army). As part of all of this so far all I have left is to finish my Landraider(90 percent done...for now), 3 rhinos, 9 jump troops, and 5 termies... WAYYYY TO MUCH WORKKKKAHHHHHH. actually its not all that hard but more annoying then anything as I havent gotten much sleep on weekends and what not due to all this prep. Note to self next time dont start an army 4 weeks before a tourney YOU'LL NEVER MAKE IT.

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