Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The first contest winners done with updates form the past few weeks.

Alrighty well it has definately been a crazy few weeks with moving, and painting, and the holidays but I can say I am glad I made it through it all. The first contest winners model is done, and I rather enjoyed painting it I must say. He wanted black armor where it would ahve been green and green where black. The rest I was given freedom on and I definately had some fun. As can be seen I made the top flames blue for a multiple of reasons. First off this is THE vulkan he'stan and to me that makes him da man!!! Blue flames also give a lovely contrast that offsets the model on the battlefield. I did this as the eye catcher. Next I drybrushed up the cloak and gave it a wash in devlan mud. Finally I used bronzes up to silver to make the golds as requested. Also to note I did not do the base as I wanted the customer to be able to match the model to their army. This way they can pop it off the base do it up and BAMPH instant gratifacation. Honestly my picture taking sucks and I really need a better camera but hopefully they will enjoy the pics anyways. The next delight is an Eldar pheonix lord and let me tell you I AM STOKED ABOUT THIS ONE JUST AS BAD!!!

These pics are some of my traitor gaurd I am doing for adepticon.

Just thought I would post a pic of a friends roman army he did. I have to say I was quite impressed with one the speed of it as well as the level of detail. As stated my pics do not bring justice to these models.


  1. Holy c.....ow. That is awesome. My 19 yr old son looked at the pic's and loves the blue Icon flames.."Very eye catching." He also wanted to know if youwere joining the rank's of the Blood Pact with your Traitor Guard, or if you were going with the more main line traitor forces?
    Many thanks Alex.....oh....More pic's of the Boxer Rebellion Marines please....at least a group shot.

    Now to paint up the rest of the Army.

  2. Sure np, sadly the blood pact is being done by one of the other team mates so I stuck to what I knew... Slaanesh:) I am thinking of naming them the devout. Not sure yet.