Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seasons Greetings/updates on boston Indy GT

Greetings one and all I come bearing seasons greetings to all of you. It has been a very busy week for me, as with the holidays rolling around, and buying a house and all here in lovely Mass. I must profess I have more gaming room in the basement then I imagined so that for me is a short but very sweet Xmas present indeed.

Sadly my camera is still being unpacked atm so I will have to share everything with you all instead of take pics which I was hoping to do. this past week I finished a Historical commission for 40 Marines (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ARMY RULES!!!!) from the boxer rebellion. Despite my noticable alliegances I completed this progect, and will admit I really enjoyed doing it. Those I was able to get some snap shots of before I packed them so once the cameras out I will get those on the blog. I also began working on Vulkan He'stan from Games Workshops warhammer 40k as part of my free commissions to my two winners of my blog contest. The other winner choise a very Lovely Jan'zar(however it's spelled) from the Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Eldar Line. Sadly I am still waiting for this to show up in the mail as being the holidays things tend to go extra slowly fro some lovely reason:) . I am really looking forward to doing these as well I always injoy a bit of a challenge, and the paint schemes these winners chose should look amazing so I only hope I can live up to their hopes.

In other news I have advanced my Indy GT a little bit more that will be held here in Lovely B-Town Mass in May of 2010. With one of my VIP's Locked in and some sponsers too this is slowly shapeing up to be a great event that I am very excited for. On that note i will leave you all with the website to it, and if you have any questions on the event please email me at Here is the website address, and again happy holidays.



  1. Outstanding news. Looking forward to seeing WiPs of Vulkan, and the other two winner's choices.

    Also looking forward to seeing the Boxer Marines. (Baa-humbug on your Army of anyOne)

  2. In fairness Alan I joined during be all you can be.. thanks for making me feel old:)