Friday, November 20, 2009

This weeks work Nov 20th

Well I had a little time this week inbetween ammo inspections at work to get a little done. I have been working hard at multiple commssions as I have also been getting ready to move into my nuw home that I have baught so it all in all has been CRAZY, but fun:).

It has been determind that I and some mates will be going to adepticon in march(a week after my wedding WOOT) and as such I have been hard at work formulating plans on my end of the program. That said we are doing a great traitor gaurd them and I am gearing mine towards the all powerfull and great god of pleasure slaanesh. Those of you who know my past I know are by no accounts shocked at this in game choice:)

I have also been able to get a little done on the demon herald from forge world as well as borrowing upon some of Ron's great ideas for a speeder bike for my pre-heresy force, I have been busy working on that. All this has truthfully been done with what little spare time I have. Now don't forget people we have less then two weeks till I do the competition so lets get cracking on getting a few more people on this site so as to earn some GREAT przes:).

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