Thursday, November 12, 2009

This weeks work

So all in all not a bad week on the overall. I have been extremely busy with work, and getting ready to close on this new home I am buying a couple towns over. So that all coupled with well painting commissions has left me with very little time to update this blog. That said though here I am one and all and I have started a few cool progects this week that once done should be some great models. I started practicing for golden demon on a herald of nurgle for what will become mamom.

Using some new tech. I have learned and are hopefully gonna master inthe upcomming months I am happy with some of him but will end up redoing the body. I have also been digging away at a commission of U.S Marines from the boxer rebellion. This has been an exceptionally fun progect and thankfully I am almost done with the 40 some odd models of them.

This will thankfully lead into the next commission of FOW German Afrika Korps. So I should get another post out to you all later this weekend but for now heres some pics of this weeks work. Oo and dont forget to pass the word on about the competition going on for some free painted models from me. All they have to do is create a legit profile and publicly follow this blog



  1. Looking forward to the Boxer Marines. Did you watch the movie "55 Days at Peking" it is about as close as you can get to historically accurart for the Uniforms.

    Oh and the Give Away is listed as running utill Dec. 2, 2010. 13 months is a long time to run a give away :P

  2. @Alan yes I did actually many years ago on AMC. Was by all accounts a very accurate movie as far as military ones go. OOPs on the give away it goes till Dec 1st 11:59 pm 2009.

    @Ron I used the normal bikes from the space marine sprue then I cut down the engine of a land speeder for the back part. Still has a long way to go hence why I contacted you on the one you did:)