Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well as this year comes to a close soon and a new one begins I figured I would focus on talking to you all about tournements. I do this because my friends and I are starting to organize for our events that we will attend in the upcomming 2010. I for one find that I know I will attend games day and adepticon(the weekend after my wedding In the same place how could I not:) ) as well as a great tournement called astronomicon in vancouver canada.

To focus on the fact of tournements and why we drive ourselfs to them I sat down and thought about it.. Besides golden demon they are really the only reason I paint. Now that said I do enjoy the local games and what have you's with the friends but I really push myself to do well and my best at tourneys and really try and create armies that will gain recognition amoungst my peers. To that end an average tournement army can run starting at $500.00 on up for a true GW event. We do this all for a trophy and maybe a little swag on the side. All I have to say to thatis wow I end up doing expensive hobbies.:). Thankfully though I have a extremely understanding fiance(we will see how long that lasts once we are married) that fully supports my gamming ADDICTION because well it is an addiction.

This year I hope to complete two too three brand spaking new armies geared just for tournies. The first will be a traitor gaurd army for Adepticon with the next being an Pre-Heresy Emp. Childrens army for astronomicon. If I am still around and not on deployment then I will also hit mechanicon and one to two more:). Thats a lot of travel but I feel for the fun and the socializing of it all I feel it's a worthwhile investment. SO beyond my normal ramblings I wanted to remind you all that hey don't forget about the competition I have going for some free commissions that I will post my lucky three winners on dec.1st. Also I will have a prize that I am adding now for the most people recruited to the site. This is a rare OOP FORGE WORLD bloodangels death company statue unpainted that I will hand out to the person who recruits the most people to the site. That said I wish you all a happy week, and I will report back again latter this week.

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